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The 7 Commandments of Shareable Blog Content


When you blog, you increase your online visibility. With increased online visibility, you boost your business. To make sure your blogs generate shares and bring qualified traffic, follow these “commandments”:


  1. You shall write from the heart.

Sincere emotions inspire action. Your blogs are likely to get more results when you write from the heart.


  1. You shall offer new topics

Forget clichés. Offer your users something new and unique. It doesn’t even have to be an entirely new subject; it could just be a fresh perspective on an old one.


  1. You shall create clickable headlines.

It’s the first thing that attracts your users: the headline. So make it count. Make it compelling. Make it so that it will inspire a million clicks.


  1. Remember the power of visual content.

Images not only attract users — they retain attention, too. People will recall more information from content with images as opposed to pages of words.


  1. You shall upload to multiple sites.

Spread your message to multiple sites. Upload your articles to relevant sites, and when you’ve written something good and useful, it is going to get shared.


  1. You shall engage readers — always.

Make room for comments. Answer user queries that come in. Never fail to lose touch with your users.


  1. Honor your SEO strategy.

Use relevant keywords and use them naturally. Stay up-to-date on algorithm changes so you never get penalized.



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The 8 Best Habits For Writing Content


Writer’s block is inevitable. Here are 8 of the best tips to work against that when you need to write content for your business.

1. Find that time pocket when everything around you has already settled down. You’ll be able to think more clearly and yield your best work.
2. Make a habit of it. Write everyday – find that “prime time” and utilize it regularly.
3. Find the perfect place for writing. Make sure that it has everything you need and it’s a place where you can completely focus and also get inspiration.
4. Play music that can increase your concentration – instrumentals are the best choice. Music neutralizes brain activity and at the same time has soothing effects, which may help you write even better.
5. Make sure you don’t get calls and texts when you’re writing. The phone is a big distraction; turn it off when you need to get writing done.
6. Log out of your social media accounts. You will get the task done much faster and more easily this way; besides, it’s just a couple of hours, you won’t miss out on so much in that short span of time.
7. Identify what an emergency is. Differentiate what’s an important thing to get around to from what’s not and reduce distractions.
8. Take notes. Every time an inspiration comes up, write it down in a notebook to build your collection of ideas to use for writing.

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Why The Email Newsletter Is Getting A Warmer Welcome Today


Consumers have to wade through a ton of content every day; it’s no surprise that they are becoming more and more overwhelmed, and less able to discover content that is truly valuable and relevant to them.

Consequently, email newsletters are enjoying heightened appeal and a healthy resurgence.

  • They’re personal. People still consider their email inboxes their sacred personal space, and anything that comes through it comes with exclusivity.
  • They’re requested. Web users receive the newsletters because they opted in for them. There’s an element of trust in the delivery of content.
  • They’re convenient. Newsletters provide a concise roundup of the most relevant stories of the day or week so people won’t have to look them up themselves.

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How Testimonials Can Work Best For You


Testimonials can turn your experienced products into searched products on the web. But simply having this element on your website is not enough. Use them. Make testimonials work best for you through these steps.

Know the components of a good testimonial talk.

  • It should not only state that your product is awesome, why it is good, how it works, or why it worked.
  • Have testimonials about website experience like the buying process, delivery, money back guarantee, etc.

Obtain captivating stories.

  • Stories can positively influence the perception of customers about your brand.
  • Ask your customers to write about their issues and how your products helped them solved these problems.

Use photos.

  • Photos increase the trustworthiness of a statement.
  • Add credibility to your testimonials.

Understand the Halo effect.

  • Opinion of influential people carries weight.
  • Your product will be perceived as more trustworthy or better.

Place them strategically.

  • Testimonial page is not only the place.
  • Put them where visitors can find them – landing pages or near call-to-actions.

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How To Setup A Well Optimized Click-Through Page


What is a click through landing page?
Click through pages differs from lead generation page because the latter contains a form and an opt-in while a click through page convinces a user to click a link going to another page. A click through page guides a visitor into a conversion funnel, slowly warming up their decision to purchase as they go deep in the conversion funnel.

Factors that increase click through rate based from successful websites:

Conversion Lab’s website:
– A preview of their eBook place above-the-fold to tease potential customers.
– Slide share preview of the book is placed on the lower part of the page for those who need more information about the book.

Tim Rouf’s page:
– Include directional guide on pages to guide users’ attention on the page.
– Placing arrows gives a sense of continuity between elements on the page minimizing distractions and giving it sequence.
– Getting actual twitter quotes and placing it on the webpage as testimonials.
– Create twitter cards to increase traffic and increase click through potential of your page.

Winsom Writing’s page:
– Use screenshots and slide share preview to attract visitors into downloading the eBook.
– A Call-to-action button that contrasts the page works well to provide attention.

Sherif Makhlouf’s page:
– Having your background image aid on providing direction on your call-to-actions helps a lot.
– A more contrasting color for button (e.g. pink button on black and white background) to direct user’s gaze instantly.
– Providing false scarcity of free eBook copies for download to give a sense of urgency.
– Use of social proof like trust seals to increase credibility and generate interest.

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Bring Organic Traffic To Your Site Using Long Tail Keywords


When organic search is in the line, you as a webmaster or business owner must find unique tactics in order to achieve good organic results to your pages. There should be a supportive approach when executing your marketing methods to transform an engaging conversation into a positive customer experience. Below are some reasons long tail keywords play a vital role in this form of marketing:

1. In SEO, using long tail keywords is considered as the life blood in terms of organic search. It has been proven that when users use precise search phrase, they present exactly what they intend to purchase or acquire. The key is uniqueness. Choose the right terms or phrase intelligently.

2. In terms of marketing campaigns, relevance must be on top priority. One must realize that the tools being used in the marketing engines each has a message to deliver. There’s content, readers, personalized messages and user comments among others. To reach your marketing goal, make sure your long tail keywords aims for consistency and continuity. Keep in mind that by using long tail keywords, you are wooing your customer. This is the first step. So make sure you are able to deliver the right message to them.

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Repurposing Blog Content For Wider Distribution


With the amount of content being published online every day, together with the amount that must be created just to be able to keep up with the demand, it’s easy to forget the always-relevant and evergreen content you have at your disposal. To help you cope up and gain wider distribution, here are 5 tips in repurposing your blog content:

  1. You can easily drive traffic to, and reignite interest in your seemingly “old” content by resharing tips, statistics and by pulling quotes on social media.
  2. Include your top blog posts in a newsletter by highlighting your experts, highlighting a single blog category, or a particularly strong, popular, or seasonally relevant, blog post. This way, you can send your top monthly posts out as a newsletter
  3. Create easily shareable content by turning your old blog posts into a presentation. Turn it into a PowerPoint presentation to be shared via SlideShare.
  4. By using the above mentioned methods, you can return your seasonal content annually.
  5. You can repurpose your older relevant information on your blog itself by giving it a fresh voice.

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