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How Should Content Marketing Be Done In The Years To Come?


Websites gain profits from the advertisements they display, but if Web users had their way, most of these ads should simply be left off.

The ads’ most notable impact is that they can negatively affect a visitor’s enjoyment and experience of the site’s content. But if they are relevant and can build brand awareness, they could be better accepted.

  • Use relatable stories to add a human touch even to the most technical business processes, and thus capture consumers’ attention better.
  • Encourage audiences to help spread content through social shares instead of mere clicks. This can do much to engage and retain consumers as site visitors.
  • Always bring your business’s online and offline strategies together. Find ways to use in-store content to drive online purchases, or online marketing materials to increase consumer participation in community events, for example.
  • Tap collaborative opportunities between brands and consumers. Give your audience a chance to play a role in the creation of your content so they become interested and invested.

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How SEO Experts And Content Teams Can Work Together


SEO and content are two different disciplines. But if it is to be truly effective online, SEO experts and content teams need to work together. Otherwise, content efforts will be wasted if on-site SEO groundwork has not been done. Here are some ways they can work together:

Providing Quality Content
SEO experts and content teams can create original and engaging content that will inspire people to linger on your site longer and will set you apart from competitors.

Creating Evergreen Content
They can provide a more useful article that can attract good links for your site to perform well in rankings for a longer period of time.

Doing Keyword Research
Both teams work well together in doing keyword research. Quality content produced achieves the exposure it deserves.

Monitoring And Measuring Keyword Goals
SEO and content should monitor if the content produce is hitting the mark or having an effect on search rankings.

Attracting Good BackLinks
Good content attracts impressive numbers of good backlinks.

Building Internal Links
Content improve user experience and help with your SEO goals. Internal linking will point users toward relevant content. It also helps Google crawl your site more effectively and rank your pages well.

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Tips In Maintaining Your Brand Reputation


1. Monitor using Google Alerts
– In monitoring brand mentions, Google Alerts is a valuable tool. It will help inform you whenever there are discussion or review on your brand allowing you to react in time.

2. Have a crisis response plan
– Having a good crisis response plan can help greatly whenever situations like negative publicity arise. Keep in mind that if you find yourself in a crisis situation, it’s important to quickly admit your role in the situation, tell the truth and tell it all. So always have a good communcation plan.

3. Mainstream media gives great exposure.
– News outlests carry so much trust and authority and tend to rank high in search results so be sure to have a PR strategy that goes along building and protecting your brand.

4. Own page 1
– Owning page one means having all positive mentions of your brand on the first page of search results. To achieve this, create a “network” of pages filled with positive information about your brand, a concept that works equally well for individuals and corporations. And remember: it’s never too late to regain control of your reputation.

5. Create business and social networking profiles.
– Set your goal to having social media profiles ranked on page 1 for branded searches which will serve as your line of defence against defamatory attacks.

6. Attention to details
– Use different profile description or bio on different websites.

7. Leveraging Small Business Administration
– For American companies, the Small Business Administration offers business owners a chance to publish a business profile at


New Content Marketing Trends To Factor In Your 2016 Budget


New content marketing trends have emerged over the past 8 months of 2015. Take note of these trends and know how you can factor them into your budget for next year.

1. Content amplification is more important than ever.
Studies have shown that the most advanced content marketers today make a huge investment in implementing an organized content amplification strategy. The focus is on: post promotion, social media advertising, content discovery and native content.

2. Interactive stories now dominate the game.
Woo your audience with interactive content and mixed-media. The New York Times is leading the way with their approach that combines editorial, photography, audio and stunning video.

3. Episodic content makes a huge impact.
Instead of the conventional one campaign-one content-one purpose approach, look for ways to expand on your ideas and themes. Break your content into chapters for maximum impact.

4. Social media is no longer in the fringe.
Realize that social media platforms and networks are now dominating news circuits and continue to rise as main drivers of audience interaction.

5. Influencer marketing continues to gain significant clout.
Work with influencers in your field to amplify your messages and strength relationships with your community.

6. The single biggest trend to watch this year is the convergence of marketing and IT.
Expect the trend to disrupt the industry as it brings growth, innovation and consolidation.

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How To Successfully Generate Leads From Your Blog


When you start a blog for your business, chances are, you will think that your website will automatically experience a boost in leads because of this. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are approximately 200 million blogs in different niches online, and as such, you’ll be competing for the attention of your audience against these sites. To make sure that you can generate leads from your blog, follow the tips below:

• Focus on just one key niche. Don’t write about anything under the sun; this can turn off a lot of readers. Generally, when it comes to blogging, people only want to listen to a master of his or her field. As such, to get more leads from your blog, be specific. Focus on one key niche, target a particular section of your audience, and create a solid USP that can distinguish your blog from the other blogs in your niche.

• Present a clear offer. Create a page that is dedicated to explaining your offer and feature this prominently on your blog so that your blog visitors can see this and know the product or service you are offering.

• Make sure your articles constantly reference your offer. To get leads from your blog, keep in mind that relevance matters. Hence, it is important to have articles that are relevant to your offer. Make sure that your readers enjoy each article as well since the best time to remind them about your offer is right after they have read your post.

• Post only the right kind of and most relevant content. Resource posts, an ultimate guide and case studies from other sources are just examples of interesting and informative articles that can help you generate lead from your blog.

• Include long tail keywords. Finally, when writing your posts, make sure you use terms people in your niche usually search for. This can help you yield positive results and give you more leads for your offer.

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5 Ways To Create A Great Referral Traffic Profile


Gone are the days when only Google organic and paid traffic is where people rely on to generate site traffic. Referral traffic is worth rethinking today as it looks much different than it did a year or two ago.

These five tips will help you create a great referral traffic profile:

1. Do not overly rely on social media
– Check out traffic that comes from your social media. This is a sign that you site is shared and talked about.
– However, it is not the best traffic source for lengthy visitor engagement.
– Don’t rely too much on this source, and never ignore more relevant traffic sources.

2. It’s a NO to solely rely on Google Organic
– This is the best traffic source in terms of engagement, but if you concentrate on it alone and get a penalty, your site will greatly suffer.

3. Do not just rely on Google and Facebook
– Your referral traffic should be a balance of visits from organic, paid, social media and more. So, if you lose Facebook or Google, you can work on other sources.

4. Organic is still the best traffic referrer
– User intent will be more aligned with content on your website if they visit your site from an organic search. Still, be sure to have other sources aside from it.

5. Bots are not real referrals
– Bots visit your site and show up in your Google Analytics. These referrals should not be supported. Get rid of them to avoid skewed data on your Analytics.

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Ways To Develop Content Marketing Ideas That Work


– Establish The Objectives. Conduct an early evaluation to identify the business goal, business objectives, key performance indicators (KPI) and specific targets. KPI is the most important metric of content marketing. This guides you in understanding how well your content is performing, who your audience is, and predicting how they will react to your content.
– Track Your Success. Ask yourself what particular keywords are proven popular to help people find your content. Study your competition and the social media platform. Make sure your content is fresh, optimized and unique. A monthly evaluation of your success to further study your campaigns for the upcoming months.
– Increase The Number Of Your Visitors. You must always be appealing to a newer, bigger audience—especially once you’ve done a deep dive into your analytics to see who is the most interested.
– Study The Average Page Views Per User. If you’re familiar with Google Analytics then understanding this metric won’t be too difficult. Look for data that will tell you where your audience are coming from. Keep track of the number of people who read your blog and stayed in every page for more than 10 minutes. It is important to review what area is giving you the most success and further enhance your campaigns on that area.

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