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What You Need To Think About Now When Creating Content


 Adobe has just released a study revealing crucial aspects to what consumers want from your content. A couple things you might already know, like the increase in multiscreen use and that consumers still have short attention spans. According to the report more than 40 percent get distracted while using more than two different devices.

Here are key things to think about now when it comes to your content creation:

1. Users will leave websites because:

  • Content is taking too long to load on the page;
  • Content is too long;
  • Content isn’t appealing, and
  • Images will not load.

2. 73% of users want content to come out right on a device while 46% will change devices when any of the four issues mentioned above happen.

3. 39% will no longer engage when your website has long, poor content that takes a long while to load — or that the images will not load.

4. 25% of consumers will share information, if it’s entertaining; more so for Millennials, 35% will pass on entertaining content but only 10% of Baby Boomers will do the same.

5. 75% of users will share content that’s accurate; 90% of Baby Boomers prefer to share the same type of content; it’s 80% for Gen X, and 65% for Millennials.

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Important Ranking Factors For Mobile Sites


It didn’t quite turn out to be as the “mobilegeddon” that a number of people had predicted several months after Google’s release of the mobile-friendly update. But it sure had an impact to today’s search results when you look at the correlation between ranking factors and the appearance of the mobile search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are some of the important ranking factors for mobile sites:

User Experience
– Bigger fonts
– Both responsive design and dedicated mobile versions of websites (m.domain.tld or mobile.domain.tld) rank in the mobile SERPs
– Fewer interactive and structural elements; few bullets than in desktop, more often, unordered lists are used
– Less ads
– Less internal links
– Less images than desktop

Technical Factors
– 1.17 seconds = average load time in the mobile top 30
– 1.10 seconds = average load time in the mobile top 10

– Backlinks are less of a ranking factor in mobile than on desktop
– This year, the number of nofollow backlinks has increased, but is still below desktop value
– Due to the separate mobile site versions, results in mobile are linked much less frequently to news pages. Desktop counterparts are the ones normally linked to news sites.

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9 Best Sources Of Inspiration For Blog Posts


Blogs are powerful marketing tools and can be used by businesses to deliver news and other valuable information to their customers, and further increase their relevance. However, producing great content constantly is not easy, inspiration may run low; if this is your problem here are 9 of the best sources of inspiration you can use.

1. Blog comments
– You will find questions and suggestions here, and you’ll automatically have material for a new blog post.

2. Online forums
– These have abundant supply of topics that you can use for your blog.

3. Your own mistakes
– Mistakes are great learning opportunities for you and your readers, likewise, you make yourself more authentic, “human” and actually trustworthy when you can admit that you were wrong about some things.

4. A walk
– There’s nothing like taking a breather and clearing your head so you can invite inspiration in.

5. “Unplugged” session
– Getting off your computer and other digital devices will allow you to see something else. A change of scenery or environment, and even pace will let you see beyond what’s in front of you.

6. Events
– Attending events will provide you a look into other things; see what’s new that applies to you industry, and how other people are receiving these new things. You can share what you’ve learned from meeting, seminars, et cetera.

7. Social media
– SMS are abundant troves of information. You can see trending topics and find out how people are weighing in on them, which you then can use for writing blog posts.

8. Literature and pop media
– TV, books, movies, magazines can present you new ideas or old ones that you may actually see in a different light; you can present your fresh takes in a blog post.

9. Headlines and titles
– Write down these catchy lines and use them in the future for when you write a post for your blog.

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How To Scale Your Content Creation: Tips From The Pros


A good content marketing strategy lays the foundation for successful online activities for businesses, but plenty of entrepreneurs still fail at it because of one crucial mistake: not scaling it properly.

Either business owners are hesitant to take the first step, or they want to dive in right away and accomplish too much, too soon—but the best way, in fact, is to scale the content strategy with care, moving forward one step at a time.

  • Build a documented content strategy for one year. This should include details like a calendar of subjects to touch on, notable company milestones, and industry events.
  • Follow a strict content production schedule. Make sure all key team members involved in the process are aware of their responsibilities and consistent with the quality.
  • Conduct regular meetings to discuss the flow of production. Take time for brainstorming, evaluating topics that did and did not work, making new plans, and assigning tasks to the right people.

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5 Mistakes You Possibly Make On Your Links And Content


How many of the listed mistakes below are you making with your links and content? These could be costing you traffic. Do something about these SEO mistakes now.

1. Building Too Many Home Page Links

  • It is a bad strategy to build all links to your home page.
  • Link deep into your site instead of saturating links to the home page of your site.
  • Spread links across your site.

2. Stopping Your SEO Efforts After Hitting The First Page

  • You will run out of traffic if you stop.
  • It is your job to keep up with the constantly changing SEO world.
  • Keep building links and focus on change.

3. Viewing Blog As Low Value

  • Your site is just sitting there dormant without a blog.
  • Blogging is one strategy you can use to update the content of site.
  • Add more pages and content to keep your site active.

4. Creating Content For The Sake Of SEO

  • Never ignore content relevance.
  • Search engines are smart to know trustworthy content.
  • Create content that fits the topic of your site and adds value to your readers.

5. Overlooking Branded Anchor Text

  • Branded anchor text can make big difference in your rankings.
  • Take the opportunity to link on your brand name, name, and URL.

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How To Outsource Your Content Marketing Needs


Content marketing entails numerous tasks, not just production and promotion. For a small business owner, these can be overwhelming. If you are thinking of outsourcing, here are a few points to consider.

When should you consider outsourcing

  • You find yourself overwhelmed
  • You don’t have enough time
  • Your current strategy and output are not delivering results

How to get the results you need

  • Plan – Before hiring a professional, you need to come up with a definite plan, including the responsibilities of the freelancer, your budget and plan for organization.
  • Hire – In outsourcing, your three basic options are freelance writers, consultants and vendors. Know the benefits of each before settling for one choice.
  • Seek balance – Strive to find a balance between content produced in-housed and those that are outsourced.
  • Establish brand guidelines – Make it easier for freelancers to achieve the results you are after by creating clear brand guidelines for them to follow.

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Getting Good Backlinks For Improved Google Rankings


With constant updates on Google’s algorithm, it obviously states that your website can get into major trouble if it has the wrong type of backlinks. Knowing this, the question remains: How do you judge the quality of a website? From which pages should you get links from?

To help you find good links that will help your Google rankings, follow these tips:

1. Always remember: All automatic backlinks are harmful

Automatically generated backlinks have no positive influence on the ranking of your website. So in case you tried to generate backlinks in bulks automatically, you should try to get rid of them to avoid a penalty.

2. You get lesser benefits from links that can be obtained easily

If getting links was as easy as uploading an image in some image hosting site and adding your link in the comment section or in the description section, it may not have an effect on your rankings.

3. You don’t need special metrics

New pages appear in google every day. So while it’s good to get links from pages with particular PageRank, having links from high-quality websites with a low Google PageRank is still acceptable.

If a high-quality website adds a new page, the new page will have an initial PageRank of zero. Nevertheless, the page can still be very good.

4. For lasting results, ask yourself these following questions:

  • Does the linking page appeal on the average web surfer?
  • Does the page have relevant and interesting content?
  • Does it make sense if the web page links to your site?

If yes, then no matter if the linking page has low PageRank, you should try to get a backlink from that page.