Frequently Asked Questions:


Why SuperFastBusiness?

We have an experienced and hand-trained team who has been doing SEO for 7 years. We’ve got scalability and longevity in the market place


Are we a good match for you and your company?

The type of people we seem to be helping are those who have had bad results before. Usually, they tell us that they’ve used low-cost providers from a number of freelance sites, or they’ve used a high-cost agency who didn’t really know what they were doing and they were hiring people doing damaging things.


Manual, all the way.

One of the main things that set us apart from other people is that we do everything by hand. All content are written in-house, by our own employees. Submissions are done by hand as well. We have developed and groomed all our syndication points over the years with substantial investments in the infrastructures. We have control over thousands of properties that were built on man-hour labor, no automation, shortcuts, or hacks.


We take time to understand your link profile.

We understand link profile and anchor text. We have access to a lot of software tools to help us analyze and interpret things. We report on the before and after progress.


I’m Sydney based, do I have to pay you in US dollars?

Yes. We are an international business and more than half of our customers are overseas. We don’t have sales people or Australian-based staff so we’re a pretty low cost provider compared to other companies. A lot of our resellers charge in Australian dollars and double our prices but generally, we are set up in US dollars.


I have a Spanish website, can I get your team to do a website check?

No. At the moment, we only do website checks on English websites.

What would be the best first step for me?

If this is your first time to order an SEO pack for this website, we recommend signing up for a Website Check.


Can I see the results faster or slower with your service?

Prior to Penguin, it was very easy to manipulate the results but now, shortcut SEO and large volume of links will not do the trick. We use a long-term organic approach. You still get results even if they are not within a week, they will last a long time.


How much content do I need to provide to your team?

None. We’ll create the content for you. If you need content to build-out your site, we do sell content directly. LinkJuice can provide content that you can post on your site that we then rank and promote.


Is there a minimum term contract?

We don’t require a contract at all. This is because we get results fast. (Be careful dealing with companies who require any more than a few months to show a result as it simply does not take that long to see a result). Usually we see a result for you within a few weeks of your first order.


How many links can I expect?

We don’t estimate the number of links you will receive. Services that sell packages based on number of backlinks often get tempted to produce low quality links using spammy tools. The key feature that sets our packages apart is the focus on quality content and placing that in the right places to get the right type of links. Our team hand prepare the core resources and this content ‘sticks’ in the search engine longer. You will get quality placements and this will result in links coming back to your website from diverse places on the internet including multiple IP addresses. The links we place are embedded into hand written quality posts with a view to usability.


How Long Will It Take To Rank?

The rate of rise will be determined by many factors. If your phrase is not overly competitive it can be within days. If you have a very competitive market (for example ‘credit card’) it can take longer. The more the result is ‘worth’ in commercial terms the more you may need to invest towards owning a top position. Some clients make $10,000 per sale for valuable search terms so they invest more resource into the content creation and distribution campaigns. These markets take longer to rank in. It is impossible to predict with certainty.


Do you Guarantee results?

You are right to be skeptical of suppliers who offer you guarantees of number one rankings. The reality is that there are too many factors beyond the control of an individual. Google change the ranking algorithm often. Historically our team have been able to achieve some spectacular results for customers. We do guarantee that our team will do extra work on your project to make a significant difference in the quality of content distributed on the web pointing back to your website. We have never had a search term that we cannot improve eventually. Note, we will prevent you from trying to rank unrealistic terms like ‘golf’ or ‘loan’. All that we ask is that you are realistic and fair and that you have followed the suggestions in the glossary section of this website.


Where is your team based?

SuperFastBusiness is owned by an Australian business and has team members in both Australia and Manila. We train face to face every quarter and over webinar daily. Our team are well versed on quality marketing techniques.


Who makes the content?

All articles, PDFs, Press releases, Videos are made in-house by our own SuperFastBusiness staff. Pictures are sourced either from our original photography library or purchased for your project. If you have technical content and pictures you should supply that to the team.


Are your team well trained?

The team have been hand recruited and trained by internet marketing expert James Schramko. James formed this team starting with one person and building up to more than thirty. The team only worked on private projects for the first year and half until they were able to become world class. This team produced the Traffic product called TrafficGrab which sold well over 2000 copies and was heralded as a game changer. The famous “Spaghetti Bowl” SEO diagram was invented and developed by this elite team. The team use very few automation tools to do the work, instead favoring hand crafted techniques. Content created and submitted by hand will always outrank auto generated software. It takes longer and costs more however like a fine wine or a bespoke suit the result is well worth it. If you think you will rank your website using Fiverr services then you are in for a shock…..


Are there any keywords that we cannot ask for?

Here are some examples of phrases that we cannot work on: James Schramko, any brand that matches our own website, some internet marketing product review topics such as LeadPages. If there is a conflict we will advise you after order. We do not publish a list of all terms.


We are unable to work on any site that would violate the Google Adsense policies (we see them as a good benchmark). 

SEO Policy

How to recover from Panda and Penguin update?

Have you been affected by the Panda  and Penguin update released by Google?  Worry no more because we have created a handy infographic for you to better understand its causes and possible effects on your website. You can also read our guide on how to resolve Google Panda and penguin updates.


Our experienced Research and Development team will assist your account manager with analysis of link profiles and trouble shooting.


Visit our calendar of Google Updates in the past couple of years for reference here.


What are brand signals?

Brand signals are the company’s brand name, website name or the exact url that they are using. An example of a brand name is SuperFastBusiness or www.SuperFastBusiness.com Since the release of the Panda and Penguin updates last April, it is highly recommended that the anchor texts use more brand signals instead of money keywords like “SEO services”, “SEO company” or “SEO outsource” because those anchor texts aim to manipulate the search rankings and are being penalized by the Google webspam team. The branding signals, on the other hand, are more natural anchor texts for your link profile. These brand signals are still very effective in terms of improving your position with the keywords you are targeting as long as those keywords are present in your page title. (page title example “SuperFast Business With James Schramko”)


What is a cache date and what does it mean if it’s not updated?

The cache date is the last date that Google has crawled your pages. If it is not up to date, it means that Google does not get to crawl your site more often. It is necessary to get your site crawled more regularly.


What to do if your cache is not updating?

– update robots file frequency on the site
– update the frequency of content you add
– add internal links pointing to the page
– get a follow link from an often indexed page
– check GWT for sitemap and re-submit
– rebuild the sitemap
– Google submit
– use the fetch as Google tool (check out this article)

Note: A manual or algorithmic penalty can slow down the cache frequency.


How do I come up with the right Press Release angles?

We have researched and carefully prepared a document to guide you in choosing the right topics for your press release.


I’d like to know more about providing your products, where can I get information?

You can visit our  Services Provider FAQ Page for more details and you can also check the different services you can provide.


What other services do you provide and would my business benefit from them?

Check out this product comparison chart to see and compare our other traffic services.


How do I promote my business website?

Here are great tips and strategies from James Schramko, watch this video


How can I avoid over optimized Backlinks?

You can visit this page to know more about the effects of over-optimized backlinks and how you can avoid it.


What are the usual SEO mistakes and how can we avoid them?

For a concise guide to avoiding common SEO errors, visit this page and view the featured video.


What do you recommend in terms of action to show how things are going?

We provide the rankings of your chosen keywords after each project. We only provide 1 report each month which states the before and after rankings of the keywords we have worked on. We would also like you to check both your webmaster tools data for impressions and your analytics data for traffic improvements.


Is it fine to work on the same keywords each month?

We can not continuously work on the same keywords every month because that would lead to over optimization. We suggest you rotate your target keywords and landing pages every 2 months.


Is it alright to use images instead of textual content on my pages?

Using text content is a better way to go because it can be crawled by Google and will give you more search impressions on the internet. Meanwhile images can’t be crawled and the information printed on those images will not have any results on Google.


What does it mean by page title and meta descriptions should be optimized?

The keywords you are targeting should be integrated into your page title, description and content. We want to maximize the SEO work done.


What are “non-money keywords”?

Non money keywords are neutral keywords like ‘click here’ that do not contain the highest $$ conversion for you, however are more natural.


I requested a website check, but your research team told me that work on my site may be a wasted effort. Why?

We categorise websites according to their health history and they are as follows:


Red – Websites with a history of declines in search engine traffic and organic keyword impressions. Sites that we suspect to have a manual penalty or a bad rating with Google.


Yellow – Websites that are fairly new with little or no backlinks, search engine traffic or organic keyword impressions.


Green – Websites that have shown continuous progress in keyword impressions and search engine traffic.


We have most likely declined working on your website because it falls under the Red category and SEO work done may not improve the rankings. In fact in some cases it could further hurt website rankings where there is a penalty in place. Our research team will advise you of the best way to repair the issues before you should proceed with an SEO campaign.


The Yellow and Green categories are what we work on and we will advice the best package that could work well on your site. We are certain we will get you excellent results with these sites.


What is the difference between the LinkJuice and Pro package? They both cost the same and appear to link to the same sign up page.

In Linkjuice, we give you some of the content we create to put on your site, and with Traffic PRO, we use all the articles written to syndicate the sites.


We would like to optimize our website to get leads that will hopefully convert to sales. Can you help us?

If you request our $20 website check, we can look at your site and make some recommendations. From there you will have enough information to make great decisions.
What does the $20 web check include?

For $20 we can tell you if your website platform is useful for search engine optimization or not. We can point out faults or things that you can change to get better results. You’ll also find out how authoritative or useful your site is at the moment to Google and what you can do to improve it.
We have pages that are not text-based but are mostly images or diagrams. Can these be optimized?

You can apply conventions for naming images and optimize image sizes so that they load quickly. However, pages without text are not as valuable for Google as text-based pages because it’s harder for them to understand what they’re about. Google will still rank images in image search.
Our site was built by someone else. Should we be speaking with them about SEO?

There are 3 parts to website optimization. The first part, on-page elements like the structure of the site. Second, the content side, populating the site with good, original content, is up to you. The off-page elements, like how valuable Google deems your site, is an area we can help you with regardless of who built the site.
Our website is not 100% complete, it’s still missing a couple of pages. Can we still get the website check?

Yes. If your site’s almost complete, you might as well get an opinion on it soon so you know where to go from there. If the page titles aren’t right or the descriptions aren’t good, if it’s got no power or authority, you can find out now so you can start tuning it.


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